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Bias Busters Essentials

Online/In-Person • Live • 6 PD Hrs

Take your programs' understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) to the next level. This live course ensures everyone on your staff builds a common understanding of unconscious bias to create a more equitable environment.


Take your programs' understanding of DEI to the next level. Bias Busters Essentials expands on lessons from Bias Busters Basics and includes live sessions with Dr. Kimberly P. Johnson, renowned DEI expert and author. This course provides everyone on your staff with a solid understanding of what it means to work in an environment that respects all people, what it means to serve a diverse community in a judgment-free way, and what it looks like to connect with each other when difficult situations arise. 

Course Level: Intermediate

Requirements/Prerequisites: None

Target Audience: Instruction and Effective Practice, Leadership and Management, Parents and Families, Program Operations, Support Services

Course Meeting Times: Fourth Friday of the month from 12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. ET

Completion Timeline/Duration: One month

Head Start Alignment: Fulfills OHS diversity, equity, and inclusion requirements. It is recommended this course be taken with Head Start Basics to meet additional OHS requirements.

Course Outline

Course Facilitator

Dr. Kimberly Johnson

Children’s author and educator, Dr. Kimberly P. Johnson grew up in Shelby, NC. She is the author of 25 children’s books. Dr. Johnson received her doctorate in Curriculum, Teaching, and Leadership from Northeastern University in Boston, MA. She holds a master’s degree from Clemson University, in Youth Development and Leadership, an Early Childhood Education degree, and a Communications degree from University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. She completed her postdoctoral work in the Advanced Leadership program at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education. She recently completed a certificate in Diversity and Inclusion at Cornell University. She is currently teaching Creative Activities for Youth, Designing Effective Youth Programs, Youth and Family, and Working with Diverse Youth at Clemson University. Dr. Johnson also teaches Creative Writing for Social Change at Clinton College and is a course facilitator for the Leading Learning, Managing Evidence, and Leading with Equity and Excellence courses at Harvard University in the Graduate School of Education.

What learners are saying... 

"This course was so engaging. It really opens your eyes to things going on around you and how you can make a difference!"

"Very valuable information that will teach you how to better interact with those around you."

"The instructor was very easy to follow and I enjoyed her enthusiasm for the information."

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  • Online, Self-Paced Coursework
  • Live Instruction
  • Access to a National Cohort of Peers
  • 6 Hours of Course Material
  • Video Content
  • 1 Month of Access to Online Course
  • Discussion Forums
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