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Education Management Credential

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Geared towards education managers, coaches, and teachers in leadership positions, this credential is designed to assist learners in preparing their teaching staff for success in everything from classroom management to Head Start Program Performance Standards (HSPPS) and the Early Learning Outcomes Framework (ELOF) compliance, and more! This credential compiles a series of Academy courses that strengthen important education leadership skills.


To earn this credential, candidates must take two Basics-level instructional practice courses:

  1. Education Management Basics (COMING SOON)
  2. Family Engagement Basics

Then, candidates may choose any two (2) Essentials-level instructional practice courses from the following list:

  • Trust First Essentials
  • Effective Transitions Essentials
  • Music and Movement Essentials
  • Special Education Essentials

Finally, the candidate will enroll in the Education Management Capstone course and complete a reflective practice project.

Start Date: Courses in this pathway are open now! See the Course Outline menu and click on the individual courses to register and get started.

Course Level: Advanced

Requirements/Prerequisites: See course outline

Target Audience: Instruction and Effective Practice, Leadership and Management

Course Meeting Times: Varies per course

Completion Timeline/Duration: You can view the pathway, sign up for each course, and check your progress toward this credential at any time through your Digital Portfolio. View the credential pathway, login to see the courses you have completed, and see what is still in your queue.

Head Start Alignment: This course supports programs in meeting the 1302.92 Training and professional development requirements of the Head Start Program Performance Standards (HSPPS), in which “A program must establish and implement a systematic approach to staff training and professional development designed to assist staff in acquiring or increasing the knowledge and skills needed to provide high-quality, comprehensive services within the scope of their job responsibilities, and attached to academic credit as appropriate.”

Skills this demonstrates: Classroom Management, Education Leadership, Standards Compliance

Course Outline


Regular Rate: Varies per course

NHSA Member Rate: Varies per course

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