MITM Trainer: Betsy Haas

  • Location: Sherman Oaks, CA
  • Availability: Calendar-dependant
  • Travel Area: Nothing is too far!
  • Trainer Bio: Betsy Haas is a veteran business professional with over 40 years of experience of a solid, heart-centered focus in strategic transformation, visioning, goal setting, group facilitation, training, leadership development, and motivational speaking both in person and webinars. Betsy customizes her approach and practical solutions for empowering individuals, teams and organizations that meet business criteria and fulfill the human needs of the workforce. She is an in-demand speaker and is known for her “Positive Quote of the Day” column which ran for 10 years. She also does “Positive Life Leadership Motivational Boot Camp” webinars. Betsy’s “Emergent Leadership Practices Institute” has won accolades throughout California and nationally.

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