MITM Trainer: Cheryl Smith Turner

  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Availability: Somewhat flexible; immediate availability
  • Travel Area: If travel is reimbursed, unlimited.
  • Trainer Bio: Cheryl Smith Turner is a seasoned trainer who brings her passion and years of experience to each and every presentation. Cheryl is founder of REACH TLS, LLC., an educational consulting firm based in Atlanta, Georgia, helping educators and families to utilize techniques and create structures that help children thrive. She is a certified Mind In The Making trainer and is a featured speaker and presenter for a variety of national organizations and agencies.

    Cheryl’s training content includes various topics related to social-emotional learning, child guidance, language and literacy, life skills and executive function, play-based learning and support of high needs learners. Cheryl engages her audiences with a high-energy, interactive style that combines practical strategies and relevant content with a dash of humor and a whole lot of fun.

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