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Bias Buster Basics

Educate and have an open dialogue with your staff on the topics of diversity, inclusion, and equity (DEI). This course is the perfect first step in your program’s DEI journey by defining shared vocabulary, language, and values.

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Bias Busters Essentials

Take your programs’ understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) to the next level. This live course ensures everyone on your staff builds a common understanding of unconscious bias to create a more equitable environment.

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Data Basics

This course explores the role of data in Head Start and answers two questions: “Why do people care so much about data?” and “What does this have to do with me?”

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Fiscal Basics

This course introduces financial basics that everyone in Head Start needs to know. Participants will learn where Head Start funds come from, how they can be used, and the responsibilities staff and governing bodies have as stewards of federal dollars.

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Gardening with Kids Basics

Hands-on experiences in the garden provide young children and the Head Start community with a multitude of benefits! This course gives early educators interested in bringing gardening to their programs a basic understanding of how to get started, including guidance on seeking funding to support their project.

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Head Start Basics

This course trains new and returning staff on the basics of Head Start—the program’s history, parent and family engagement, health policies, Head Start Program Performance Standards (HSPPS), and more!

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Head Start Orientation

This one-hour dynamic course provides the basic information required to work or volunteer in a Head Start or an Early Head Start classroom.

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Policy Council Basics

Parent Policy Council members play an essential role in program governance. This course provides an overview of everything from Head Start’s federal structure to to grant recipient fiscal responsibilities, helping parents grow as leaders and decision-makers.

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Credentialing Opportunties

CDA Training Pathways

This program guides candidates through the entire CDA credentialing process. The self-paced coursework gives students the flexibility to learn on their own schedule, while our dedicated faculty provide one-on-one coaching and the additional support necessary to ensure all of our students complete the entire CDA program.

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Fund Development Credential

This online cause selling accelerate helps Head Start leadership and management integrate successful business practices and relationship-driven strategies to help programs build strong connections with donors, increase revenue, and empower their cause.

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