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Each month, NHSA Touchpoint shares insights into our latest work to support your programs, our community’s accomplishments and special events, a love note or two, and up-to-date info on Head Start’s highest priorities. This month, we are covering what to do to prepare for back to school season. (Last month, we talked about summer learning.)

This Month’s Theme: Back to School

After a long year-plus of ups and downs, here we are in our back to school mode, back to program mode. It’s a great opportunity to reenergize and establish your culture. Dr. B says: "We actually are pretty good at this at Head Start. It is part of our nature. It’s why we hug instead of shaking hands at conferences. Remind your teachers that setting that tone in the classroom and taking the time to create relationships with children, with parents, with each other, should take precedent over curriculum. As we head back to school, the curriculum will come, the content will come, but culture comes first."

Love Note

We are appreciative to all of the organizations that supported our Early Head Start Rising Summer Learning Series. Drs. Stephen Patrick and Miska Terplan talked about prenatal neuroscience, pregnant women, and touched on substance misuse; Dr. Evon Lee shared insights about the early identification of learning disabilities; Erin Ramsey and Dan Torres from Mind in the Making shared all about executive function in the early years and how to work on those skills; Dr. Lori Foran talked about language development related to gesturing; Dr. Neal Shah shared his research and expertise about maternal and infant mortality; and Dr. Kimarie Bugg who shared her wealth of knowledge about breastfeeding. Huge thanks to all of you!

In Case You Didn’t Know

September is not only back to school time, but also Baby Safety Month. What a great time to talk about baby safety! One of the components of our Head Start Basics is infant safety. It’s also Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, a great opportunity to educate your parents about healthy eating. I encourage you to check out Doctor Yum's free resources, menus, and ways of creating meals to promote healthy eating.

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