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Touchpoint is usually jam-packed with content, and while we still have resources to share, this month we focus on the Love Notes. The first goes to Uvalde – to the whole community, including the Head Start programs there who wefeel especially connected to and concerned about.

Love Note to Uvalde

In response to the devastating shooting, NHSA organized a webinar with Ellen Galinsky to bring our community together for a conversation around trauma and young children. Many of our Uvalde Head Start and Early Head Start friends were in attendance and we could feel the connection and love you were feeling for your community, and the concern you were feeling for your staff, your families, and your children. We are sending a huge love note to all of you, to all of your staff, to all of your children, and to all of those families.

Another to their neighbors in San Antonio

The next love note goes to the Head Start community in San Antonio. They were on the call on Wednesday, too, and there was such a connection between San Antonio and Uvalde. The way that San Antonio wanted to take care of their neighbors is an illustration of who we are in Head Start and how we all feel and endure together.

And one to the entire Head Start community

The final Love Note goes out to the bigger Head Start and Early Head Start community across the nation. What really struck us in the webinar with Dr. Galinsky was how everybody from across the country was focused on supporting this one community.

It is amazing that we can be so geographically different, so demographically different, from communities rooted in different cultures, from programs small and large, rural and urban, and at the center of all of it, we are one big family. That was really evident this month. This community gives us strength and opportunities to support each other that don’t exist elsewhere. Despite the pain, that’s one thing we can truly appreciate. We hope that all of you, and certainly those of you in Uvalde are feeling that love.

Transition to Kindergarten

This month’s topic is transitions because it’s June and the program year is winding down for many. We are confident that all of you have already started this transition strongly by getting to know your schools, maybe touring the schools with your children, meeting the teachers and giving them data, and helping families connect to the school system.

But there’s still much to do this summer. Below are resources to support your transition to kindergarten efforts:

Deborah Bergeron

Dr. B is the NHSA's deputy director of Community Engagement and Innovation. She supports high-quality programming and is a constant reminder to the folks on the ground that they are the backbone of Head Start and Early Head Start.

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