Coalition on Human Needs Letter re: Shutdown

The Coalition on Human Needs and 681 local, state, and national groups delivered a letter to every member of the House and Senate urging passage of a clean, bipartisan continuing resolution. The organizations signing the letter come from every state in the nation, and include religious organizations, unions, health care, emergency food and shelter, and legal service providers, as well as those meeting the needs of children, the aging, people with disabilities, the poor, tribal and other indigenous people, and other groups concerned with the environment/climate, education, gender issues, civil rights and more.

“Shutdowns harm our nation’s overall economy, the financial security of individuals and families, government efficiency, and the public’s access to needed services,” the letter states. “A shutdown would put the nation’s economy at risk, delay or interrupt services to millions, and disrupt the jobs of over a million workers, making it harder for people to put food on the table, a roof over their heads, and stay safe and healthy. A shutdown would make vulnerable communities including people of color more at risk and result in their disproportionate harm.”