How do I join NHSA?
What benefits do program staff, parents, and board members receive?
Who receives discounts to institutes, conferences and events?
Who receives discounts for professional development?
What is the cost of membership?
How long will my membership last?
Can I get a refund?
How long will it take to activate my membership?
How do we receive membership cards for our staff?
Who should I submit for my employee/parent roster?
How do I submit my employee/parent roster?
Who is an Administrative Contact?
How do I designate an Administrative Contact?
Membership for program staff, delegates, and partners—how does it work?


Do I qualify for member registration?
Do I qualify for the early bird or regular rate category?
What payment methods does NHSA accept?
Why is my registration incomplete?
Can I register a group?
What do you mean "Attendee Contact Information" and where can I provide it?
What is NHSA's cancellations policy?
Can I transfer my registration?
Do any conference sessions require pre-registration?
What is NHSA's video/photo/recordings policy?


Where shoud I mail my check?