parent gauge

Accessing families' experiences and engagement using parents' own words.

Parent Gauge is a family engagement assessment tool designed specifically for Head Start and Early Head Start programs. The tool measures the parent experience and the impact of your program's engagement efforts.

Through a series of closed- and open-ended questions, Parent Gauge explores a family's experience with your program. The tool provides immediate feedback to staff regarding family needs, but it also provides data on program effectiveness. Using Parent Gauge, staff sit down with families 2-3 times during the year for a twenty minute conversation and enter their responses into the easy-to-use web-based platform.

Who uses Parent Gauge?

Parent Gauge is designed to meet the needs of Head Start and Early Head Start programs. Frontline staff—like teachers, family service workers, and home visitors—have conversations with the families in their caseload and get immediate feedback. Leadership gets access to quantitative data to inform program design and measure progress throughout the year.

Beyond a Strengths and Needs Assessment

Parent Gauge goes beyond counting inputs and outputs and beyond a simple survey that asks parents to report on their housing or employment. Parent Gauge takes this information in context with parents strengths, aspirations, and perceptions over time.

Parent Gauge Subscription Pricing

Parent Gauge uses an annual subscription model. Subscriptions run from July 1 one year to June 30 the next. Grant size is determined according to NHSA's membership records.

Grant Size Member Price Non-Member Price
Under $1 Million$2,040$2,400
$1-3 Million$2,550$3,000
$3-6 Million$2,975$3,500
$6-10 Million$3,570$4,200
$10-15 Million$4,250$5,000
$15-25 Million$5,100$6,000
$25-40 Million$5,950$7,000
$40-60 Million$6,800$8,000
Over $60 Million$7,650$9,000

Parent Gauge FAQ