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Together we are the biggest and loudest advocates for Head Start children, families, and communities.

A Strong Voice

National membership gives NHSA the power to advocate on behalf of Head Start before Congress and the Administration.

Learning & Leadership

Along with many exclusive resources, membership provides learning opportunities at NHSA's six annual conferences.


NHSA members have access to weekly and monthly newsletters, exciting new partner initiatives, The Block, and many helpful resources and documents.

Member Benefits Program Affiliate Associate Individual Lifetime
Member-only news and critical analysis of federal legislation that affects Head Start programs
Access to free year-round professional development webinars
Eligibility for scholarships and awards that recognize the valuable contributions of Head Start programs, partners, staff, and parents.
Discounted registration for NHSA conferences and other NHSA training events
Discounted registration for additional professional development opportunities at The Academy
Access to The Block, a community engagement platform designed for networking
Eligibility to participate in the Program of Excellence Accreditation
Access to NHSA's Disaster Relief Fund assistance
Discounted posts on The Career Center
Access to Starling Minds Mental Fitness Program for Head Start Staff
Access to eMentorMatch, a site to find mentors and build relationships
Access to NHSA Digital Portfolio, a personalized digital space to store all your professional accomplishments
Eligible to purchase an NHSA member subscription to Academy+
Tuition grants for course-based bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral programs at Walden University.

NHSA offers more membership benefits than ever before!

Starling Minds Mental Fitness

Starling Minds Mental Fitness is a self-guided digital program that is available 24/7. Take control of your life and wellbeing—on a phone, tablet, or computer.


Coming soon! NHSA is preparing to launch eMentorMatch, a site for NHSA members to find mentors and build relationships. That platform will have something for everyone:

  • Program-Level members of NHSA will have access for all employees
  • Retired Head Start staff with Individual or Lifetime memberships can join as mentors
  • New directors can find seasoned directors to learn from and aspiring leaders can match with someone who can show them the ropes

Which NHSA membership is right for you?


Program membership, which grants full member benefits for all staff and parents, bring everyone together to strengthen the future of Head Start.


Available to three groups of organizations: non-profits; for-profit corporations; and university, college, and research, and EHS-CCP organizations.


Affiliates members advocate and attend conferences and events. Categories include: national, regional, and state Head Start associations and collaboration offices.


NHSA provides a way for every individual to participate in shaping Head Start’s future. Categories include: Friend, Student, Alumni, and Academic members.


Keep connected to NHSA and Head Start for life. This is the perfect gift for a retiring or departing staff member or leader. Learn more or apply today!


NHSA's membership year is from July 1 through June 30. Fees are listed below. They are not pro-rated if started after July 1.

Under $1 Million$505
$1-3 Million$1,000
$3-6 Million$1,530
$6-10 Million$2,595
$10-15 Million$3,320
$15-25 Million$3,980
$25-40 Million$4,645
$40-60 Million$5,300
Over $60 Million$5,970
University, College, or Research Organization$340
Under 10,000 Enrollment$440
Under 10,000 Enrollment + Collaboration Office$625
10,000 to 35,000 Enrollment$560
10,000 to 35,000 Enrollment + Collaboration Office$735
Over 35,000 Enrollment$700
Over 35,000 Enrollment + Collaboration Office$865
State Collaboration Office$190
Regional Association$700
Head Start Staff$65

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Roster Management

Manage Your Program’s Staff Roster on the NHSA Member Portal

  1. When your program became an NHSA Member, one or more people were designated as an administrative contact. Only an administrative contact can access the NHSA Member Portal.
  2. If you are not the NHSA Member administrative contact, find out who is here. An administrative contact can add unlisted staff on the NHSA Member Portal.
  3. If you have 25 records or more to add, update, or delete, you can send them to the NHSA Membership Team in a spreadsheet and we will make the changes for you. Here’s how.
  4. Once your staff roster is updated, all of your staff can enjoy NHSA Membership benefits such as reduced registration fees and much more.
  5. If you are registering for an event and receive a non-member rate and your roster is up to date, at checkout select the purchase order payment method to receive an invoice and contact the membership team at for support.