Head Start helps moms, dads, and caregivers of all kids to navigate every aspect of parenthood—from pregnancy through the early school years—from the latest research on child health, safety, nutrition, behavior, and more, to creating authentic partnerships with parents, Head Start and Early Head Start staff give parents the tools to raise their children and make progress toward their goals for themselves and their families.

Five Ways Parents Can Support Children’s Social and Emotional Development

Here are five suggestions for how early educators and parents can support children’s social and emotional learning and wellness.


Webinar: Building a Parent Nation

Watch parent members of the NHSA Board of Directors and Dr. Dana Suskind discuss how to better support parents and build a parent nation.


Head Start and Early Head Start staff actively seek out and respond to community voices, strengths, and needs. They collaborate with families, community members, and other local agencies to identify common goals, align resources, and share data for continuous improvement and effective partnerships.

Parent Gauge Interview Templates

Bilingual Parent Interview Resource

Head Start Parent Advocates for Access to Quality Child Care

Theresa Carter, Head Start parent from Step Forward Head Start in Ohio, shared her inspiring story at the 2023 Winter Leadership Institute.

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8 Reasons to Believe in a Parent Nation

Parents cannot and should not be expected to go it alone when engaged in the important work of raising children. We need a Parent Nation.

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EHS Increases Involvement Among Fathers

In South Carolina at Vital Connections of the Midlands Early Head Start center, fathers are front and center. “Too many times, we see mothers receiving all of the communication and information about their children and ways they can support these critical developmental years,” says Jerome Thompson, fatherhood specialist for Share Head Start/Early Head Start and…

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One Early Head Start Mother to All New Mothers: “I’m so proud of you!”

New mothers today are inundated with information. And now with social media, where almost half of parents of newborns turn for information, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. “When I became a mom, I was on my own trying to figure it out. I was head down and focused on graduating so I could be more for kids. Once…

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Alumni Spotlight: Pathways for Young Parents

Two Head Start alumnae from Community Action Alger-Marquette Head Start in Michigan tell their stories of finding their own paths to thriving futures as young parents.

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