Partner with NHSA

NHSA strives to partner and create meaningful alliances that support and inspire the Head Start field as a leader in early childhood development.

We create mutually beneficial relationships with nonprofit organizations, corporations, and government agencies that are strongly aligned with NHSA’s mission and priorities. Our partnerships focus on enhancing Head Start programs’ ability to provide high quality services to Head Start families and their children.

Corporate Leadership Council

Our Corporate Leadership Council includes up to twelve partners per year who make a significant investment and have demonstrated a multi-conference commitment to NHSA. This council was designed to foster a deeper level of collaboration and engagement between NHSA and the corporate community that supports Head Start. Council members receive special insight about the evolving Head Start market and are invited to offer strategic guidance.

These benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Membership with NHSA, which provides subscriptions to all NHSA communications to the Head Start community
  • Quarterly webinars facilitated by NHSA
  • Annual private one-on-one meetings with NHSA’s executive team
  • Advance notifications of marketing opportunities
  • First-round pick of exhibit spaces at national conferences
  • Features in Partners at Play newsletter
  • Year-round sponsor recognition at all NHSA events

Membership to this council is invitation-only. To inquire about more information please contact:

Strategic Partnerships

NHSA works with strategic partners to collectively develop new initiatives, facilitate co-advocacy efforts, and engage in joint projects. These partners include thought leaders, innovators, content experts, and others engaged in efforts to promote continuous quality improvement in the early childhood education field and efforts to directly support Head Start programs, leaders, staff, children, and their families.