Voter Engagement

Why Should Head Start VOTE?

Every vote does count! Your vote will directly impact the funding and other key decisions that impact Head Start and your local community. When we vote, we are looking out for our kids and their futures. And it starts with showing up.

There is power in numbers. Head Start centers and programs are nonpartisan, but they are not indifferent. As community anchors that provide access to information and resources for members in your community, Head Start has a role to play in supporting voter engagement!

Can Head Start Employees Participate in Voter Engagement Activities?

Short answer: YES! Just not on Head Start’s time. Head Start programs are explicitly allowed to participate in voter registration so long as Head Start funds are not used. Download the "Do's and Don'ts for Head Start Employees" resource for more information.

What happens after the election?

After most elections, NHSA hosts a post-election webinar to discuss the results. Stay tuned for more details and to learn about the big issues, how those issues will impact Head Start, and who are the emerging Congressional leaders for Head Start.

Why You Should Vote

NHSA Executive Director Yasmina Vinci shares why she votes and why Head Start should, too. In her words: “Head Start is not a voting block; we are part of the fabric of the U.S. On Election Day, we will cast our votes not only in honor of all those who came before us, but in honor of ourselves, our families, and our communities.”


Voter Engagement Tools One-stop resource where you can register to vote, check your registration status and address, find polling locations, and link to your state's election website.

TurboVote: Tool that sends text messages or email reminders and information about where to vote in all local/state/federal elections. You can also get forms, update voter registration, request an absentee ballot and keep track of local and national elections.

Nonprofit Vote: Provides training, marketing materials, research, and resources to vote.

Rock the Vote: Nonpartisan organization dedicated to building the political power of young people through pop culture, music, art, and technology. Check status, register voters, and find voter guides and other helpful tools.

Have you made a plan to vote?

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