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Over the last six decades, 37 million children have been served by Head Start. Their stories and testimony are living proof points of Head Start’s impact. Head Start alumni hail from communities across the country. We serve and work in every sector worldwide—from boardrooms to classrooms, from cockpits to courtrooms. Innovators and communicators, advocates and thinkers, health care heroes and teachers—alumni are connected by a shared love for the first learning experience that told us we belonged.

Ayleen Lopez
Ayleen Lopez

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In Their Words...

The Head Start Alumni Network sustains Head Start’s legacy for children and families through national advocacy, local support, and meaningful professional connections. The Network demonstrates Head Start’s proven model of success as well as its far-reaching and long-lasting impact.

Alumni Spotlight: Greetings from NHSA’s Director of Alumni Engagement

Meet Malkia Payton-Jackson, Head Start alumna and the National Head Start Association first-ever director of Alumni Engagement.

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Alumni Spotlight: Sylvia Acevedo

Sylvia Acevedo says: “Today’s Head Start families encourage their kids to dream big and know they can go on to make their dreams a reality.”

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Alumni Spotlight: Rep. Jahana Hayes

When she started school at Slocum Head Start in Waterbury, CT, Representative Jahana Hayes knew that she was a part of a community. “It wasn’t just where children got an education. Parents could also access housing, and healthcare, and community resources. That’s what I understood education to look like-all the people coming together to make…

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Alumni Spotlight: Victor Jones

Victor Jones says: “Head Start shaped me into the person that I am today: someone who aspires to be a fierce advocate for marginalized children.”

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