Communities of Practice

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Head Start Directors

A forum where Head Start program directors can ask questions, share their experiences, and build new connections with a national group of colleagues. This interactive community also serves as a platform for NHSA to disseminate resources, updates, and professional development opportunities.

Fiscal Services

Open to individuals whose chief responsibility is financial management for Early Head Start or Head Start agencies, as well as others interested in the expanding their knowledge of grants, agreements, and the general conduct of business.

Human Resources & Program Operations

Open to individuals whose chief responsibility is personnel recruitment, retention, and development, as well as others interested in the expanding their knowledge in human resources and program operations.

Data Management

Open to staff who focus on data analysis, reporting, research, outcomes, measurements of child and family progress; use of data for guidance and best practices for Head Start and Early Head Start agencies and EHS-CCPs.

Health & Wellness

Focused on Head Start staff and others who support child and family health and wellness, including physical health, mental health, nutrition issues, and child safety.


Open to Head Start staff who focus on eligibility, recruitment, selection, enrollment, and attendance. These staff members have to pay close attention to family financial data, but also to fiscal issues and program rules that determine eligibility and availability of services. They also work on program priorities for selection and parent outreach for recruitment and enrollment.

Education & Child Development

Open to Head Start teachers whose role emphasizes child developmental and learning practices, including evidence-based approaches, and issues related to child trauma and adverse childhood experiences.

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