Data Talks

The Data Design Initiative improves capacity for using data and evidence to advance the wellbeing of Head Start children and families.

The Data Design Initiative offers an opportunity to build community though Data Talks. Every other Tuesday from 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. ET, the Head Start data community hosts a “Data Talks” brown bag lunch. This is an informal time for anyone interested in data to come together and engage with others around a specific topic, ask questions of their peers, or even share a problem they’re stuck on and need help with.

If you are a data manager, director, or someone who works closely with Head Start data and want to learn more, please fill out our interest form.

Data Talks is part of the Data Design Initiative, NHSA’s commitment to supporting the Head Start field when it comes to using data and evidence to advance the wellbeing of children and families. The initiative is driven forward by the contributions of a group known as the Data Design Huddlers. The Huddlers are a diverse group of program leaders, data experts, policymakers, advocates, and vendors who voluntarily bring their time, experience, and expertise to the table. The group regularly convenes to devise and iterate on projects in concrete ways to make Head Start data more useful.

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