Marketing 101 for Head Start Recruitment

2:00 PM EDT
4:00 PM EDT

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With our partners at Working Smarter Consulting, NHSA is hosting a live and virtual training session on Marketing for Head Start Recruitment. Working Smarter Consultants, with over 25 years of experience in Head Start and marketing, will guide you through innovative strategies tailored to increasing your market presence while driving new traffic and increasing engagement.

Learn tools and resources to reach your target audience quicker, and enhance the look and feel of your organization's digital presence. Solve enrollment challenges through better messaging and virtual content development.

Regular Rate: $325

NHSA Member Rate: $225

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding your target audience
  • Identifying how to communicate successfully with your audience
  • Developing a marketing plan specific to recruitment that produces
  • Marketing strategies for any budget.
  • Chance to network with similar programs and share ideas and strategies.


Gerald Washington, Chief Executive Officer
With a longstanding history of taking brands and businesses to the next level of success, Gerald’s leadership, innovation, and business acumen will be sure to shock Head Start Programs. Prior to this venture, Gerald was the partner and president of Steve Harvey World Group, partner and president East 112th Street Productions, and president of the Steve Harvey Radio Network, where he led business development, production, and operations for all three companies. Gerald successfully secured major partnerships and endorsement deals with household names such as T-Mobile, Ford, State Farm, NBC, ABC, Fox and BET. He led the launch and growth of new business ventures with and Garrett’s Popcorn Shops, as well as the transformational coaching company Act Like a Success and Easy Bacon, Steve Harvey’s first food product. Through his leadership, the Steve Harvey World Group tripled in revenue and grew by 65 percent. It is this experience that makes Gerald an asset to any program working through contracts, contract negotiations, service, and lease agreements. Gerald has the uncanny ability to see the potential in staff that they don’t often see in themselves. He coaches people into leadership roles with ease. Gerald is ready to take your Head Start program to the next level.

Kenna Pruitt, Chief Operating Officer
With more than 13 years of Head Start experience, Kenna brings knowledge that is unmatched in the field/industry. She began her Head Start journey working as the Family and Community Partnerships Manager, for a large Head Start and Early Head Start program in Texas.  This program served more than 1,500 children and families in 22 centers across Texas. This experience helped Kenna become well versed in data capturing, data analysis, processes and systems, leadership, management, supervision, and a deep understanding of all service areas. After working in a Head Start program, Kenna ventured out to the federal level. Working for DANYA, which, at the time, had a contract with the Office of Head Start, for Federal Reviews. Kenna’s time spent as a Content Area Lead for HSKI-C  Reviews and Leadership, Governance, and Management Systems  Reviews afforded her the opportunity to travel the country and visit Head Start programs in every shape and size. Kenna was able to see the complexities of a variety of programs, as well as, how programs attack and troubleshoot unique situations. It was at this point, that Kenna wanted to take the information she was learning from all these programs and share it with others. From here she went to work for ChildPlus Software, the data management system most used by Head Start programs. It was here, that Kenna was able to explore and dig into data. Understand how programs were and were not using it effectively. Her role as a ChildPlus Consultant fostered her skills in creating processes and policies, sharpened her abilities to find holes in data and create a plan to repair them, as well as, customize any training for varieties of staff. Starting Working Smarter Consulting, was a dream that would allow Head Start programs the ability to get training, coaching, and consulting from one place. Let’s Work Smart Together!

Take advantage of this one-of-a-kind opportunity to revamp how your program recruits children.