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Public Transit Accessibility (and Burden) of Head Start Centers

2:00 PM EDT
3:00 PM EDT


From the base of the Grand Canyon, to the frontier of Alaska, Head Start programs nationwide serve nearly a million of our nation’s most vulnerable children and families each year. But how accessible are Head Start centers?

In partnership with the Civic Mapping Initiative, NHSA found that only 40% of Head Start locations are within walking distance of a fixed route transit stop. An additional 30% are in areas served by public transit, yet their closest stops are beyond walking distance for a toddler. These 30% of centers mean hundreds of opportunities to shift stops by less than half a mile and meaningfully impact childcare access for low-income families.

The American Public Transportation Association and the National Head Start Association invite you to a briefing about how transit agencies and Head Start centers can work together to best serve low-income families in their communities.

Watch the recording to learn about this research, how you can engage with your local Head Start operator and/or transit agency, and ways to participate in the national launch of this map in October 2023.


  • Abigail Seldin, Civic Mapping Initiative
  • Art Guzzetti, American Public Transportation Association
  • Victoria Jones, National Head Start Association