Rallying for Meaningful Trainings Series

4:00 PM EDT
4:30 PM EDT
4 weeks
October 16, 2024

Professional Development The Academy

In this Rallying for Meaningful Trainings webinar series, we will unlock the magic of leveraging self-paced PD to create engaging training for all staff, so you can spend less time meeting compliance and more time where it matters – relationship building! 

Join our experts in this two-part series as they unveil:

  • Onboarding without Overboarding
  • In-Service for Everyone

Learning Objectives

In this series, you will learn practical ways to align your professional development offerings with the way adults learn – and immediately make your training sessions more meaningful!

  • Autonomy: Give adult learners the ability to direct their own learning
  • Constructivism: Actively involve the learner in the process of making learning meaningful
  • Prior knowledge: Respect and acknowledge the experience of adult learners

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