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Kids on Campus User Guide

NHSA and the ACCT have partnered to develop to create a resource guide to assist users in establishing a partnership between Head Start and community colleges. 


Coalition on Human Needs Letter re: Shutdown

Building Partnerships between Community Colleges and Head Start

2023 Head Start Alumni Summer Send-Off

Webinar Recording: Partnering With Child Welfare League of America

Learn new opportunities for Early Head Start and child welfare organizations to better collaborate at the local level.


The Impact of Proposed Budget Cuts to Head Start

Family Service Basics

Letter to HHS: Comments on Improving CCDF

NHSA and CWLA Partner to Better Align Child Welfare Services and Advocacy

Executive Leadership Committee

Back to School Activity #FulfillThePromise

NHSA is calling on programs to create short videos sharing successes and realities about their Head Start/Early Head Start program.


Recording: Speech & Language Developmental Milestones (A Bilingual/Multilingual Perspective)

This learning session explored the speech and language developmental guidelines from a bilingual speech-language pathologist.