On Recent Events in the Middle East

There are no “right” words for events in the world that are so wrong.

There are no “right” ways to explain sudden ringing alarms, or explosions, or death, or terrorism.

And, while words may never feel like enough, we cannot be silent.

We mourn the loss of innocent lives in Israel and Palestine. Our hearts are with all those affected by the violence and the National Head Start Association condemns the hate and aggression tearing apart families and communities. And we know many Head Start families and staff will be directly impacted by what’s happening so far away.

During this intense time of sorrow, all of us will struggle to show up in our daily roles and lives. And that is okay. We are overwhelmed and heartbroken for the world. In the middle of unbearable horror, we can only struggle.

Please know we stand with you as you provide comfort to children and families who are struggling with so much loss and sadness while you are experiencing and dealing with your own feelings.

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