Alumni Storybanking

Head Start has 37 million successful alumni and nothing makes us prouder than being able to talk with them and share their stories. Even though Head Start children are Head Start students in their very earliest years, they are alumni for the rest of their lives. The team at NHSA developed these five storybanking tips to help you connect with alumni, record their stories, and nurture relationships with them as they move through school and beyond.

Head Start Alumni Storybanking Tips

Tip 1: Prep Your Questions
Before you record anything, plan your questionsand share them ahead of time with the alumni you plan to interview. This simple preparation will help you get the most out of your time together.

Tip 2: Think of Your Readers
Keep in mind future readers may not be familiar with the specific people and places you mention. Set up context where needed with questions like “Tell me about Head Start from your perspective” and “What teachers were the biggest influence on you?”
Use your selected questions as a guide, not a script. If your alumni goes off topic, go with it! You can redirect them to your original question later.

Tip 3: Create Video
Video captures a viewer’s attention for longer and is a powerful way to spotlight your story. Record your conversation or send questions in advance and ask folks to record themselves.

Tip 4: Distribute Creatively
How will you share your program’s impact with the world? Where will you publish? Your website? Your local newspaper? Somewhere else? Think of a potential screenshot that helps to capture a moment of everyone smiling and share later on social media (don’t forget to use the hashtag #HeadStartAlum so NHSA can amplify your post!).

Tip 5: Follow Up
Thank your alumni and ask them to sign up as a Head Start advocate:

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