Better, Simpler Early Childhood Assessments

Good assessment and screening tools are essential to effective Head Start and other early childhood programs. To improve outcomes for children, NHSA seeks ways to make early childhood assessment tools more useful, actionable, and affordable.

A number of characteristics, outlined in this resource, can make assessment tools more or less useful. Trade-offs across these attributes are inevitable. While validity, objectivity, reliability, and privacy are of paramount concern, Head Start providers need tools that improve on all of these quality dimensions over time. NHSA also encourages you to explore Data Analytics Playbook, which offering Head Start practitioners examples of data visualizations used by their colleagues to support and improve their work with children and families.

Questions? Suggestions? Ideas?

This work is a product of NHSA’s Data Design Initiative. Let us know which parts of this resoruce the most useful, which could be improved, and if there is any new content we should add. Email:

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