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Supporting the professionalism for which Head Start is known.

The National Head Start Association Digital Portfolio is a personalized digital space where early childhood professionals can store all their professional accomplishments. From credentials and certifications to professional webinars, conferences, and even NHSA membership, the Portfolio is the home for all of your achievements. This new NHSA member benefit will empower your staff to nourish and develop their career!

Programs can use this resource, too. Head Start programs’ human resource offices can verify skills required for employment through the NHSA Digital Portfolio. From CPR certifications and CDA completion, to meet required annual professional development hours, the NHSA Digital Portfolio will make managing these requirements much easier for human resource staff. Just click and verify!

Likewise, the Portfolio captures and highlights demonstrable skills and allows hiring managers to browse candidates’ competencies–vastly reducing time spent searching for qualified candidates. In addition, skills-based hiring helps to remove degree requirement barriers and supports fairer hiring practices.

Sample User Portfolio
Sample User Portfolio

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Learn how to use your Digital Credential

Wondering what to do after you receive a new digital credential? Make the most of your accomplishments!

Settings + Options

Control the privacy of your credential, correct a misspelled name instantly. You can promote your achievement and control where it is shown.

Easy Sharing

Add your credential to your email signature (either the certificate or the badge; whichever fits best), to your LinkedIn profile, or share to any of your preferred social networks.

Security + Storage

No issues with your credential being sent to the wrong address. Only you receive your credential, and only you can make changes to it. We hold on to your credential so you are always to view it and retrieve it. Anyone who views your credential is able to see that you earned your credential and verify its authenticity.

What Happens When My Credentials Expire?

Sometimes credentials are only valid for a set amount of time. So what happens when a digital credential expires?

The best way to renew your credential is to contact your credential issuer directly. When logged in, you can do this by clicking the “Renew My Credential” button. You may need to provide supplementary materials to NHSA directly. You can email with your materials and any questions you might have about what is needed.

Sample View of Expired Digital Credential
Sample View of Expired Digital Credential

Can I still see my expired credential?

Your credential will still be visible; however, a notification will appear below the credential stating that the credential has expired.

Can I still make changes to my expired credential?

Yes! You can make modifications like 'Add Evidence,” “Request a Name Change,” or “Change Privacy.” Please Note: your credential will still appear with the expired notification after your modifications are made.

What can I no longer do?

You will no longer be able to add an expired credential to your email signature. You will still be able to download a PDF copy of your certificate, but it will have a stamp communicating the date on which it expired.

Sample PDF View of Expired Credential
Sample PDF View of Expired Credential

I took the course again. Why did my credential expire?

When you retake a course, you are issued with a brand new credential. The new credential may be sent to you sometime after your old credential expires depending on NHSA’s processing time. Your old credential will remain expired.


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