Families Want a Strong Head Start!

In May 2024, 25,000 Head Start and Early Head Start parents and caregivers signed a letter to President Joe Biden, urging the full funding of Head Start programs. Their signatures are more than names on a page; they represent a resounding collective voice advocating for the future of our children and the vital importance of early childhood education.

Head Start is the national commitment to help provide all children with the foundation they need to thrive both inside the classroom and in the wider world. The impact of Head Start and Early Head Start on 800,000 children, families, and communities every year cannot be overstated. They provide a strong foundation of learning, health, well-being, and family support in a culture of mutual respect.

Their voices amplify the message that investing in early childhood education is an investment in our nation's future. Head Start’s powerful partnership with children, families, and local communities shows what we can accomplish together. We are making a difference and paving the way for brighter futures for all children.

Summary of the Letter:

The letter asks President Biden to reconsider the impact of the proposed new Head Start rule, and to prioritize:

  • Making sure any new requirements are fully paid for, and do not result in reducing the number of children and families served;
  • Keeping children safe and healthy utilizing proven practices, not arbitrary federal rules; and
  • Recognizing the unique cultures, traditions, and preferences of communities and continuing to provide Head Start programs the local autonomy to meet individual community needs.