Back to School Activity #FulfillThePromise

A video testimonial has the power to showcase the significant impact that Head Start has made in the lives of your students, families, and communities by sharing your experiences. We want to hear–and share–your stories!

A back to school activity: NHSA is calling on programs across the country to create short, one-minute videos (not to exceed two minutes and 20 seconds) from parents and/or staff, sharing successes and realities about their Head Start and Early Head Start programs. These videos will be shared via social media to help Congress and communities understand the impacts of #HeadStart in a more personal and connected way.   

Video Instructions

  1. Find a Head Start community member to lead the video. This could be a parent or staff member. The video should feel natural, the speaker comfortable, and should be one minute (or less) in length. This is a quick, captivating way to share your story.
  2. Locate a quiet space to set up the recording. A computer or phone would work well or ask a friend to take a recording of you. It really doesn’t need to be anything fancy or formatted!
  3. Practice your talking points once or twice before hitting record! Suggested talking points are listed below. 
    1. It’s okay if you don’t hit every point–the most important is to share the tremendous benefits provided by Head Start and the detrimental effects funding cuts would have on the families your program serves. 
    2. Most importantly, share your story, your emotion, and your power!
  4. Hit record.
  5. Share your back to school activity! Post your video on your program’s social media platform(s). Suggested tips are below.

Questions? Comments. Concerns! Please email us at for additional support.

Suggested Video Outline

  1. Introduce yourself: Start with your name, title, program, and city, state.
  2. Service: How many families does your program serve? 
  3. Interesting topics to celebrate: (choose one from the list below or use whatever is most appropriate to your program)
    • Share the types and number of families your program serves (examples include: military families, foster families, families experiencing homelessness, refugee families, etc.)
    • Family involvement: how do you serve the whole family in addition to the whole child 
    • Goals and outcomes of children and families in your program
    • School readiness
    • Successful service(s) offered by your program (transportation, health screenings, nutrition, etc.)
    • Highlight of teacher(s)
    • Highlight facilities (gardens, outdoor space, technology, etc.)
    • Parent/teacher shares a memory
    • Parent/teacher shares a personal experience
  4. Share a challenge(s) that additional funding would help address: (choose one from the list below or use whatever is most appropriate to your program)
    • Staff compensation
    • Staff support
    • Enrollments: slots, waitlists, admissions, etc.
    • Transportation
    • Quality/quantity of services
    • Classrooms
    • Facilities
  5. Hot tip: In order for videos to be used on X (Twitter) the video can not exceed 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

Post on Social Media

Our Head Start Social Media Marketing Guide is a great resource to support you in all of your social media endeavors.

  1. Develop a social media post for your video and post the video to your program’s platform(s). 
  2. Use the hashtags: #FulfillThePromise and #HeadStart. Listed below are some sample posts to use or for inspiration:

DYK #HeadStart in [Insert town name] serves [insert #] families in our area? Check out our video to learn more about our #HeadStart program. @[insert rep handle] please help us to #FulfillThePromise

.@[insert rep handle], in our community, [# of] underserved children receive early learning intervention & critical health screenings through #HeadStart. #FulfillThePromise

From sharing information on developmental milestones, to facilitating critical health services & offering job training, #HeadStart is working to #FulfillThePromise to children and families. Learn more about #HeadStart in your area! (tag location, representative and NHSA)

Our #HeadStart program prioritizes children and families with exemplary resources and services such as, (X), (Y), and (Z)! Learn more about how we #FulfillThePromise to those with the greatest need in our area.


3. Tag your U.S. Representative.

4. Tag NHSA and we will be sure to lift up your post for maximum exposure!