6 Steps to Spread Head Start Awareness through the Media

Airtime on local media is one of the most effective ways to communicate Head Start’s value to new audiences. This media toolkit guides programs through the process of earning coverage.

The Six Steps to Spread Head Start Awareness through the Media are:

  1. Gathering your Resources
    The most important thing to do before reaching out to any media outlets is gathering all the resources and information that will help you convey your message.
  2. Developing your Message
    If you were to write a headline for your story, what would it be? What is the main point you want the audience to learn? Try out some new startegies to talking points that support your message.
  3. Identifying your Media Outlets
    After gathering your resources and developing your main messages, it’s time to identify target local media outlets—the television stations, radio stations, newspapers, blogs, and other communications channels in your community.
  4. Sending your Pitch
    Once you have contact information for the producers or reporters who might be interested in your story, it’s time to connect with them through a brief, well-written email. Learn the five key elements of your pitch email.
  5. Preparing for your Interview
    Great job! Your pitch was accepted! Now what?
  6. Following-Up Post-Interview
    Following up after the interview is crucial for continuing the relationship and building momentum for future stories.

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