Webinar: Health Services Certification Info Session

Are you considering the possibility of earning your health services certification? If so, we have some important information for you to consider! In this 45-minute information session recording, you will meet our reviewer, Jackie Rivera, and learn about the process of becoming student who successfully earns their credential. You will also hear directly from a graduate, Alec Hunter, about his experience as he worked through the competencies.

This certification meets the qualification requirements laid out in the Head Start Program Performance Standards. The certification is rigorous, and successful candidates demonstrate a high level of professional knowledge. Certification is an achievement of which you can be very proud. Learn more as we answer your burning questions:

Jackie Rivera, Health Administrator, Central Missouri Community Action
Jackie has been a health Administrator at a Head Start in central Missouri for over 10 years and is a certified Community Action professional. Before becoming a nurse, Jackie spent 10 years as an early childhood education teacher. Jackie oversees health and safety at her agency and is project manager for the agency’s Childhood Obesity and Diabetes Prevention Project and Women and Infant Relief program. Jackie is a licensed practical nurse, child development associate, and lactation counselor. Jackie is certified to train in many topics, such as Compassion Fatigue, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (or CPR)/First Aid Motivational Interviewing, I Am Moving, I Am Learning, Family Wellness, Infant Massage, Mind in The Making, and Experiential Facilitation. Jackie has had the honor of being named for a National Child Plus Community Service Award and received MOCAN Healthcare Profession award.

Alec Hunter, Health and Safety Coordinator, Tanana Chiefs Conference, Fairbanks, Alaska
As the health and safety coordinator for Tanana Chiefs Conference Head Start, Alec brings a wealth of experience teaching physical education and multimedia to the field of early childhood education. Alec has worked to implement significant policy and procedure updates and has actively contributed to the program’s FA2 review, demonstrating a commitment to continuous program improvement. Currently, Alec is developing a multi-community Health Services Advisory Committee (HSAC) and sub-committees, aiming to foster collaborative efforts among families, professionals, organizations, and communities.