Prevent Burn Out with Bold Leadership

Are you wanting to prevent burn out? Our everyday lives are filled with rules. We are aware of some rules; some, we abide by without knowing how much they exhaust us—leading to burnout. During this session, Executive Director of Rural Utah Child Development Keri Allred, identifies some of the rules that are tiring you and gives you the chance to create a new way of living that can better sustain you in the work you do. These new rules are your own and they are waiting to be written!

Resources to prevent burn out:

  • Keri’s blog: Blue Solstice
  • New Director Credential

The rules to prevent burn out:

  1. Know it’s a game.
  2. The game goes slowly when you argue the rules.
  3. Your opponents are not who you think they are.
  4. Allow other people to play their hand, if you play their hand, all they have left to play is you.
  5. It isn’t about your turn, it’s about the next turn.
  6. Once in a while, look up from the game.
  7. The game is unwinnable. What if you played it anyway?

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