Report: Two Generations Together

In January 2015 NHSA released Two Generations Together, a report highlighting the exceptional efforts of six programs who designed solutions to support families in achieving stability and self-sufficiency.

The report discusses two-generation adult education and job training models that are part of the comprehensive child and family services delivered by Head Start programs and also examines common mechanisms for funding, partnerships, and research across the featured programs:

  • Educational Alliance
  • Friends of Children of Mississippi
  • Southwest Human Development
  • Pacific Clinics
  • AVANCE – Houston
  • Parents in Community Action, Inc.

Along with the release of the report, NHSA hosted a day-long insitute where program leaders shared their stories and strategies and a series of panels offered insights into designing two-generation work. Watch the recorded sessions.

NHSA’s Two Generations Together Webinar Series highlights practices and strategies Head Start and early learning programs can use to build their efforts to support the families of young children in achieving stable, secure trajectories. Watch the recorded sessions.

The Two Generations Report was published in partnership with Ascend at the Aspen Institute.

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