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Whether you are just starting your DEI journey or you are an experienced professional looking to enhance your expertise, we have courses to meet your needs.

Learn from Dr. Kimberly Johnson, Harvard Professor and Head Start alumna!

With programs in every state and U.S. territory, Head Start children and families come from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds. Each and every Head Start staff member should have the skills to foster empathy, kindness, and acceptance in their programs. Creating inclusive environments begins with us all.

NHSA is proud to partner with Dr. Kim to offer a suite of courses designed to support diversity, equity, and inclusion in Head Start.

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DEIB Leadership Credential

From intention to action, this course empowers learners with the leadership skills needed to ensure that diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) are not only an intentional focus, but also an intentional practice in their program.

Dr. Kimberly Johnson40
Bias Buster Basics

Educate and have an open dialogue with your staff on the topics of diversity, inclusion, and equity (DEI). This course is the perfect first step in your program’s DEI journey by defining shared vocabulary, language, and values.

Dr. Kimberly Johnson4

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Dr. Kimberly Johnson

Dr. Kimberly Johnson

Children’s author and educator, Dr. Kimberly P. Johnson grew up in Shelby, NC. She is the author of 25 children’s books. Dr. Johnson received her doctorate in Curriculum, Teaching, and Leadership from Northeastern University in Boston, MA. She holds a master’s degree from Clemson University, in Youth Development and Leadership, an Early Childhood Education degree, and a Communications degree from University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. She completed her postdoctoral work in the Advanced Leadership program at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education. She recently completed a certificate in Diversity and Inclusion at Cornell University. She is currently teaching Creative Activities for Youth, Designing Effective Youth Programs, Youth and Family, and Working with Diverse Youth at Clemson University. Dr. Johnson also teaches Creative Writing for Social Change at Clinton College and is a course facilitator for the Leading Learning, Managing Evidence, and Leading with Equity and Excellence courses at Harvard University in the Graduate School of Education.


"Bias Busters Basic was informational, enlightening, and remindful of the reason why you chose to do the job you do. It encourages you to keep moving forward."

– Bias Buster Basics attendee

"It helped me become more culturally aware and inclusive while working with different cultures."

– Bias Buster Basics attendee

"Very valuable information that will teach you how to better interact with those around you."

– Bias Buster Essentials attendee

"This course was so engaging. It really opens your eyes to things going on around you and how you can make a difference!"

– Bias Buster Essentials attendee