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Refund and Extension Policy

Refund Policy

Once course selection is finalized (your registration and payment are complete), no refunds are permitted. Other options are considered on a case-by-case basis in the following situations.

  1. You registered accidentally for the wrong training course:
    If this happens, contact us immediately: You must notify us within 24-hours of registering to be eligible for a refund or credit voucher.
  2. You want to transfer to a DIFFERENT online course or transfer to a DIFFERENT staff member:
    If you have started a course or passed the 24-hour cancellation period, youmay not transfer to another course. If you have not started the course, you may transfer the course to another staff member. There is a transfer fee of $50.

All other situations, fees are non-refundable.

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Course Extension Policy

The Academy at NHSA requires that all learners finish their online courses by the deadline of each given term. Should an extension be necessary, an extension request may be submitted for review. Delays in enrollment, perceived difficulty of the course, not earning the desired grade, or not using effective time management skills will not be considered the basis for an extension. The learner's active engagement must be coupled with a circumstance that would have prevented the student from completing the course in the traditional time frame.

To be considered for an extension, the following conditions must be met:

  • The learner must be actively engaged in the course (weekly participation, completed modules/homework/quiz/test submissions in the last week, weekly communication with the instructor, etc.).
  • Extension requests cannot be provided for Essentials or Credential courses due to the unique nature of their term. However, accommodations can be made to complete the work in the given timeframe.
  • Extensions must be requested on organization letterhead and signed by both the student and supervisor/mentor. You must write, agree to, sign, and submit a course completion plan that explicitly documents the student’s plan to complete the course.
  • Previous extension approval does not provide the basis for future extension requests.
  • Extensions can be granted for up to one month.
  • On exceedingly rare occasions, extension requests beyond one month will be considered Extenuating Circumstance Extensions.* The decision to grant Extenuating Circumstance Extensions will be made on an individual basis.

To submit an extension request, upload your PDF at The Academy HelpDesk.

Once the extension request is received, the procedure is as follows:

The Academy team will review the request and respond within two business days. If the extension is approved, the agreed-upon, extension will be given an “extension hard due date” for both the instructor and the student. Reasons for denial of an extension request can include, but are not limited to:

  • Failure to meet any or all of the conditions above, with detailed, supporting evidence, and
  • Rationale explaining why an extension is not in the student’s best interest.
  • Denied extension requests may be appealed if additional rationale can be provided. The Academy manager will make all final decisions for denied extension appeals.

*Extenuating Circumstance Extensions include life-altering events for the student involved. These may include but are not limited to: an unpredicted medical severe issue that occurred during the term extension is requested; death of immediate family members; or significant changes in living arrangements (loss of or removal from home) that occurred during the term extension is requested and could not have been foreseen.