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Financial Wellness Thursdays for Leaders

5 Ways to Prevent and Overcome Burnout

Mental Health Toolkit for Head Start Staff

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act & Americans with Disabilities Act Basics

Starling Minds Mental Fitness

Starling Minds Mental Fitness is a self-guided digital program that is available 24/7. Take control of your life and wellbeing—on a phone, tablet, or computer.


Toolkit: #SleeveUp4HeadStart

Cooking with Kids Builds a Strong Mind and Body

Five reasons why cooking with kids is a great investment in the health of the whole child and the whole family.


Partnering on Dental Care for Children

Health Service Certification

Lead Exposure

Routine screenings and treatment, strong early learning opportunities with individualized supports, and proper nutrition are all part of catching lead exposure early and intervening to put children on a strong trajectory for the future. By delivering such services, Head Start acts as a powerful intervention across the nation. When the water crisis in Flint became…


2021 Health Benchmark and Trends Report

Home Visitors in WV Approach Families with Understanding