Sign-On and Coalition Letters

Automatic Benefit for Children Coalition Letter

A sign-on letter from the Automatic Benefit for Children (ABC) Coalition to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to support families.

Home Visiting Coalition MIECHV Reauthorization Letter

Home Visiting Coalition is advocating for a reauthorization of the MIECHV program by September 30, 2022.

Letter to HHS: When Can We Expect a Final Rule?

NHSA wrote to HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra, as Head Start programs prepare for the school year, to ask: when can we expect a final rule?

Coalition Letter: Asking for a Final Rule on Masking and Vaccinations

NHSA—along with state, regional, and national Head Start associations—sent a letter to HHS Secretary Becerra stating that Head Start needs a final rule before the school year begins.

Sign-On Letter: 85 National Organizations Call On Congress to Include Child Care in Reconciliation

A coalition of 85 national organizations highlight the need to ensure the reconciliation includes critical investments for child care.

Sign-On Letter (Jacobs and Bonamici)

Reps. Sara Jacobs (D-CA) and Suzanne Bonamici (D-OR), and colleagues sent a letter urging inclusion of child care in reconciliation.

FY23 Appropriations Letter (Casey)

This sign-on requests appropriations to prioritize and provide additional funding for Head Start in Fiscal Year 23.

Sign-On: Prioritizing Additional FY23 Funding for Head Start

Together, 20 US Senators are urging the appropriations to prioritize additional funding for Head Start in Fiscal Year 23.

NHSA Letter: Urging Support to Address the Head Start Workforce Crisis

The National Head Start community urges Congress to boost compensation for the workforce by at least $2.5 billion per year.

Coalition Letter: National WIC Association on Infant Formula Shortage

NHSA joins the WIC Association urge Congress to grant agencies with the resources needed to ensure babies have access to infant formula.

NHSA Issue Areas

NHSA advocates on a range of early childhood education public policy issues.

Federal Register Comments

NHSA files written submissions on issues related to Head Start in the Federal Register.

Congressional Testimony

NHSA routinely provide testimony to the Senate and House committees of Congress.