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Bold Leadership Series: Burning Up Before Burning Out

2:00 PM EDT
3:00 AM EDT

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Welcome to the first leadership webinar of our Bold Leadership Series!

Our everyday lives are filled with rules. We are aware of some rules; some, we abide by without knowing how much they exhaust us—leading to burnout. During this session, presented by Executive Director of Rural Utah Child Development Keri Allred, you will identify some of the rules that are tiring you and will have the chance to create a new way of living that can better sustain you in the work you do. These new rules are your own and they are waiting to be written! You too can achieve bold leadership.

Keri Newman Allred is the Executive Director of Rural Utah Child Development and has held thisBold leadership position for 9 years. Her bachelors degree in child development, masters degree in human and family development and a 30 year career in early childhood has been inspired by the motto ‘childhood is a journey, not a race’. This belief is the driving force behind every success RUCD has achieved. Keri believes that a positive and productive workplace is the highest goal, and that living truthfully is the best way to get there.