Early Head Start Advocacy

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EHS Advocacy: Turning Alumni into Advocates

2:00 PM EDT
3:00 PM EDT

Professional Development Webinars Early Head Start

Early Head Start alumni are the most powerful advocates.

As part of the Early Head Start Rising Advocacy series, Preparing Your Head Start Alumni to be Advocates, will share tips and techniques to help you cultivate a culture of alumni becoming advocates on behalf of Head Start. There are powerful ways to engage your alumni and capture their testimonies. Together you all can advance the critical mission of Head Start / Early Head Start.



Malkia Payton-Jackson, Director of Alumni Engagement

Head Start Alum, Malkia Payton-Jackson, who is NHSA’s first-ever director of alumni engagement. Back in Cambridge, Head Start is where she made her first best friend — and now, she’s inviting Head Start alumni to connect with one another, share their unique stories, and help keep Head Start strong for generations to come.