From the beginning, Head Start has not only kept up with current trends, but has introduced new and bold ideas into the broader early learning community. Early Head Start, too, is a model of the very best and most innovative in child and family services.

The Early Head Start Learning Series honors our drive to learn and to introduce and incorporate the best new evidence-based practices and ideas into our practice. We collaborate with partners and colleagues across the early learning spectrum, such as: Child Welfare League of America, Prenatal-to-3 Policy Impact Center, champions from the field, top program leader to share their finds and these best practices. Browse and watch all the recordings below!

Webinar: Partnering With Child Welfare League of America

Learn new opportunities for Early Head Start and child welfare organizations to better collaborate at the local level.


Webinar: Speech & Language Developmental Milestones

This learning session explored the speech and language developmental guidelines from a bilingual speech-language pathologist.


Webinar: Effective State-Level Policies

This session shares 11 state-level policies that help foster the nurturing environments infants and toddlers need to thrive and that reduce longstanding disparities in opportunities and outcomes among racial and ethnic groups and socioeconomic statuses.


Webinar: Providing Services to Expectant Families

This webinar recording provides insight into two EHS programs and how they successfully providing services to expectant families.


EHS Advocacy Site Visits Recording

EHS Advocacy Site Visits Recording on how to host members of Congress at your program to illustrate the value of Head Start!


El Desarrollo del Habla y del Lenguaje: Cómo Fortalecer el Apoyo de Los Niños Bilingües

Become informed about dual language learning and how to keep our children supported with strategies with mask-wearing, screen time, and more.


Webinar: Preventing Picky Eating

Dr. Yum shares free resources that help families and teachers overcome barriers fostering healthy eating habits which prevent picky eaters.


Webinar: COVID-19 Impact on Infants and Toddlers

Webinar provides an up-to-date medical review of the impact COVID-19 has had on infants, toddlers, and their families.


Webinar: Neuro-Nurturing® Everyday… It Makes a Difference!

Webinar led by Deborah McNelis, M.Ed., provides an overview of brain development in the early years and the impact behavior and learning.


Webinar: The Future of Early Learning is Relational

Isabelle Hau presents the greatest predictor of early learning success: relationships starting in the early years help children to flourish.


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Early Head Start Rising

Millions of infants and toddlers who qualify for Early Head Start cannot access it due to limited resources and a lack of awareness. They are counting on us to act. We hope you will join us to help Early Head Start rise in communities all across this nation.