Early Head Start Rising

Only 11% of income-eligible infants and toddlers have access to Early Head Start.

This has to change. Early Head Start provides pregnant women, infants, and toddlers with high-quality education and care during the most rapid and influential period of brain development. By intervening as early as possible, Early Head Start serves as a buffer to prevent and address childhood trauma, hunger, poor health, housing instability, and other outcomes associated with growing up in poverty. Concurrently, programs help parents during the most difficult and stressed time, when their own well-being and goals can be impossible to achieve without support and partnership.

NHSA is committed to expanding our work with Congress, the Office of Head Start, states, and Early Head Start programs, as well as child care partners, and other allied systems. We are focused on:

  1. Raising awareness of the need for more Early Head Start access and all the good that existing programs do through the development of research-tested messaging and expanded media efforts.
  2. Raising a stronger Early Head Start community of practice able to deliver the highest-quality services and support and expand as community needs and partnership opportunities arise.
  3. Raising federal, national, state, and local community and policymaker support around a common set of policy priorities and approaches that will lead to a significant expansion of Early Head Start.

Millions of infants and toddlers who qualify for Early Head Start cannot access it due to limited resources and a lack of awareness. They are counting on us to act. Join Early Head Start Rising.

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