Early Head Start Advocacy Toolkit

As Head Start community members and advocates for children and families, we know you help make this bright future possible. But insufficient funding means Early Head Start is only able to serve 11% of eligible infants, toddlers, and families. Now is the time for Early Head Start advocacy to increase funding, expand access, and make sure all families have the wraparound support they need during the most critical years of a child’s development.

NHSA’s data-backed communications toolkit supports communication with policymakers, policy influencers, the business community, your partners, and families about the impact of Early Head Start on your community and on our nation.

Early Head Start Advocacy Recorded Training

Watch this in-depth recorded training to learn the key messages that resonate with policymakers and influencers, and run through the various resources available to you through the Early Head Start Rising! Advocacy Toolkit.

Early Head Start Advocacy Talking Points

Policymakers & Influencers

​​For policy influencers and policymakers, combining brain development with a sense of urgency and a health-based outcome is key. Messages related to equity and issues they care about—lower birth rates or identifying developmental delays early—round out the case. Download these talking points.

Parents & Families

​​Healthy brain development is important to parents and families, as is the social and emotional development that happens most during a child’s earliest years. They recognize the value of helping their children learn and grow new skills to ensure their child’s success. Download these talking points.

Partner Nonprofits & Organizations

​​Partners are a critical resource for disseminating information about Early Head Start. Their membership, advocacy wings, and parent connections are all avenues to help share your message, alongside their own research-based information. Download these talking points.

Business Community

​​The business community cares about the workforce of today and building a strong, lasting workforce for tomorrow. Business leaders recognize the critical role that families play to keep our economy going and our nation thriving. Download these talking points.

Early Head Start Advocacy Case Study and Social Media Guide

  • Studies show that when you share a story, people are more likely to be persuaded to see your point of view—or to take action—than when they receive information alone. Additionally, real-world examples are proven to make information and statistics more easily understood, and thereby, more compelling. This case study template and example will help you focus your storytelling, ensuring your stories are impactful.
  • Social media is a critical tool not only to share information, but also to garner interest in and support for specific initiatives. Use NHSA’s Early Head Start Rising social advocacy tips to maximize your digital efforts.

This training was developed in partnership with Forthright Advising.

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