Member #2 Launch Webinar

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Introducing Starling’s Mental Fitness Program

7:00 PM EDT
8:00 PM EDT

Webinars Starling Minds

This highly interactive presentation will focus on stress, worry, and anxiety and how these can be challenged in achieving or maintaining a work-life balance. The webinar will answer the following questions:

  1. What is Starling Minds and how can the platform support our mental health?
  2. How can we recognize and deal with our triggers?
  3. What strategies can we use to set limits that allow us to better manage our mental health?

Speaker: Dr. Andrew Miki

Dr. Andrew Miki is the founder and Chief Science Officer of Starling. Andrew founded Starling with the mission to improve access to effective mental healthcare. Andrew leads Starling’s research, strategy, and solutions to address mental health requirements and create validation frameworks to measure and report each digital program’s efficacy. With a background in Clinical Psychology and Neuroscience, Andrew has expertise in neuropsychological assessments and the treatment of Anxiety Disorders, Mood Disorders, and Traumatic Brain Injuries. He continues to practice as a registered psychologist and provides Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for individuals with depression, anxiety, stress, and trauma to help them feel stronger, more confident and resilient. Andrew holds a BSc in Psychology from Queen’s University, an MA in Behavioral Neuroscience from Wilfrid Laurier and an MA and PhD in Clinical Psychology from York University.