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Starling Minds Mental Fitness is a self-guided digital program that is available 24/7. It’s immediate, private, and tailored for Head Start staff (and their families) through NHSA membership. In three simple steps a day, you can proactively build daily habits that will help you better manage stress, anxiety, burnout, or depression and take control of your life and wellbeing—on a phone, tablet, or computer.

"With Starling’s innovative technology and deep understanding of educators, we hope this program will deliver the support and training to the Head Start people so they can care for themselves and their families, and in turn, provide the stabilizing services and care to communities across the country.” - Yasmina Vinci, Executive Director, NHSA

How it works

The program adapts support and training to your unique personality and learning style while integrating educator-specific content, stories, tools, and peer community forums into your experience. 

  1. Check-Up: Uncover insights on how you're doing. 
  2. Build Skills: Your training sessions adapt to you—providing you with the skills and tools to improve your mental fitness.
  3. Connect: Share your story and find support from peers in our anonymous community.


Homepage to guide you through daily steps to improve your mental fitness

Check-up to provide you with a complete assessment of your stress, anxiety, depression,

Self-guided sessions to deliver personalized mental health training and support based on your needs

Exercises to guide you through easy, bite-sized versions of our training sessions when you only have a few minutes

Live interactive sessions to supply expert-guided support, relaxation techniques, mindfulness exercises, and workshops

Video library to learn key cognitive behavioral therapy concepts through easy-to-follow educational videos

Skills toolbox to help you set realistic goals, track your progress, balance negative thoughts, and regulate your moods

Peer-supported community to empower you to share your experiences, connect with your peers, and find empathy and support throughout your mental health journey 

Now available in Spanish! Starling is dedicated to bringing the best, most inclusive experience to our members.


Live Mental Fitness Training

 Bi-Weekly Drop-In Sessions

Support your mental fitness with live bi-weekly drop-in sessions. It’s in our nature to look after each other, but we tend to be not as good as prioritizing ourselves. Take 30 minutes just for you.

Mental Fitness Mondays by Starling Minds

Learn how to identify and recognize key patterns impacting your mental health and how to better manage it.

Wellness Wednesdays with Starling Minds

This 30-minute wellness program will provide a deeper understanding of how breathwork and meditation can be used as a powerful tool.

Upcoming Events

Attend special yearly events such as Starling's Mental Fitness Challenge, a six-week interactive webinar series hosted by Dr. Andrew Miki to guide members through structured, in-depth training sessions to help them build the awareness, tools, and strategies to improve their mental fitness.

Supporting Your Staff’s Mental Fitness with Starling Minds

Discover the power of digital mental health and how like physical health, we improve our mental health by strengthening our minds through short training and exercises.

Mental Fitness Challenge: Depression and Burnout

Join our 6-week interactive Mental Fitness challenge with our Chief Science Officer, Dr. Andrew Miki to learn how to better manage depression and burnout.

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Mental Health Toolkit for Head Start Staff

In addition to providing the complete Starling Minds Mental Fitness Program to NHSA Members, our partners at Starling Minds have developed a variety of resources to help you build a compassionate, safe culture for your staff and increase individual resilience.

What users are saying…

“Thank you for this program! I really needed help with balancing some extremely unhealthy thoughts. With all the challenges that come with being an educator, to say that I'm scared and anxious is an understatement.”

– Starling Minds User

“Starling has been such an amazing tool for me. I have learned some behavioral strategies, tools, and greater self-awareness. I really appreciate being part of a community where I feel accepted and understood.”

– Starling Minds User

“These sessions in Starling have helped me realize that I am not alone in my experiences. It has also allowed me to put my feelings into words and give logical reasons for why I have been feeling the way that I have.”

– Starling Minds User

“My scores on the mental health continuum improved because I started this program last spring; I've had a year to work on my mental health, anxiety, and stress. I’m also more aware of my battery levels and how to charge it, which has helped greatly!”

– Starling Minds User

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