Mental Fitness Challenge Burnout

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Mental Fitness Challenge: Depression and Burnout

7:00 PM EDT
8:00 PM EDT
1 weeks
November 22, 2022

Webinars Starling Minds

The impacts of the pandemic and its variants have created a massive strain on members. According to recent polls, 70% of people are struggling with burnout, yet do not have the time and energy to care for themselves. Chief Science Officer and founder of Starling Minds, Dr. Andrew Miki is hosting a 6-week Mental Fitness Challenge to help Head Start staff members prevent and combat burnout and depression.

The Mental Fitness Challenge includes:

– Guided support and training around Starling Mental Fitness program
– Weekly live session with Dr. Andrew Miki that includes a Q&A period
– Weekly homework exercises to put learning into action

The webinar series topics include:

  • Session 1: What is Burnout 101?
  • Session 2: Managing stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Session 3: Finding emotional regulation skills that work for you
  • Session 4: Making effective plans and assertive goals to move forward
  • Session 5: Managing your thoughts when you’re down
  • Session 6: How to manage burnout and your work

Speaker: Dr. Andrew Miki

Dr. Andrew Miki is the founder and Chief Science Officer of Starling. Andrew founded Starling with the mission to improve access to effective mental healthcare. Andrew leads Starling’s research, strategy, and solutions to address mental health requirements and create validation frameworks to measure and report each digital program’s efficacy. With a background in Clinical Psychology and Neuroscience, Andrew has expertise in neuropsychological assessments and the treatment of Anxiety Disorders, Mood Disorders, and Traumatic Brain Injuries. He continues to practice as a registered psychologist and provides Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for individuals with depression, anxiety, stress, and trauma to help them feel stronger, more confident and resilient. Andrew holds a BSc in Psychology from Queen’s University, an MA in Behavioral Neuroscience from Wilfrid Laurier and an MA and PhD in Clinical Psychology from York University.


The Starling Mental Fitness program personalizes mental health support and training to help each member better manage their stress, anxiety, and burnout. It will help Head Start staff to:

  • Learn how to raise their awareness of stressors and reactions
  • Discover strategies to help them relax and recharge
  • Learn how to see the “small wins” in their day-to-day life
  • Learn how to have more balanced, objective, and realistic thoughts

The Mental Fitness Challenge will help members build the skills they need to cope with burnout.

What is required to participate?

To participate in the Mental Fitness Challenge with Dr. Andrew Miki, members need to:

  1. Register for the webinar series “6-Week Mental Fitness Challenge Series with Dr. Andrew Miki”
  2. Register for a Starling Minds Mental Fitness program with access code
  3. Take a check-up before the 1st interactive session
  4. Attend and participate in the various interactive activities throughout the challenge

Is it free?

Yes, it’s free for all staff (and their family members) who work in an NHSA member program.

Is it confidential?

Starling Minds’ members’ privacy and confidentiality are of the utmost importance. All of your personal information, answers, and interactions with Starling Minds information is kept private and anonymous.