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Fall GroMoreGood Gardening Webinar

1:00 PM EDT
2:00 PM EDT

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Discover the many ways gardening activities can be used to promote the health and wellness of young children and their families with our fall gardening webinar!

KidsGardening will offer garden inspiration, instruction and expertise and share additional resources to help programs prepare their applications and begin their garden planning. Past grantees will provide first-hand experiences with the application process and managing the grant.

Gardening activities can be used to promote the health and wellness of young children and their families. Focusing on gardens in the early childhood setting, speakers present on a wide variety of tips for best practices for planning, planting, and sustaining a food garden along with important safety procedures to consider when preparing and consuming your harvest. In the Fall gardening webinar, you will also hear first-hand stories from successful programs about garden-based nutrition education program.


Sarah Pounders, while working toward her master’s degree in Horticultural Sciences at Texas A&M University, Sarah Pounders served as a school garden coordinator and conducted research on the benefits of using school garden programs to teach nutrition. She went on to work at various botanical gardens and for Cooperative Extension in Virginia and Texas. Since 2005, Sarah has been an education specialist at KidsGardening, coordinating numerous children’s gardens and writing curricula and activities for youth of all ages. Sarah enjoys gardening at home with her two children and serves as the volunteer garden coordinator at her son’s elementary school.

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