GroMoreGood Garden Grants

Decades of research show children who grow fresh food eat more fresh food. That's why NHSA and the Scotts Miracle-Gro Foundation are joining forces to teach children, families, and communities how to grow their own produce.

The GroMoreGood initiative makes garden grants, garden kits, educational curriculum, and garden training available to all Head Start programs with the goal of creating more edible gardens for young children and their families. The initiative also supports the creation of green space projects—land that is partly or completely covered with grass, trees, shrubs, or other vegetation—as an option for children and the community to learn.

Garden Resources

There are so many lessons to be learned in the garden: knowledge about nutritious food, an understanding of the natural world, a chance to watch something grow. Explore our resources below to learn how hands-on experiences in the garden provide a multitude of benefits, including access to healthy food, decreased stress and anxiety, greater engagement with learning, and more!

Edible Gardening: Five Ways to Grow Food with Kids

Growing edible plants with your class provides exciting opportunities for kids to learn about food origins, eating a healthy diet, and promotes social and emotional learning.

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Webinar: Spring Garden Storytime

Enjoy the Spring garden storytime recording with rhythmic language, colorful photographs and all of the singing, movement and fun activities!

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Webinar: How Garden Programs Combat Food Insecurity Recording

Check out this recording and comprehensive list of resources to see how you can best utilize a garden program to combat food insecurity.

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Webinar: Winter Garden Storytime

Storyteller Noel Nicholas shares a winter garden storytime session where she reads “Logan’s Greenhouse,” by JaNay Brown-Wood.

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Webinar: Fall GroMoreGood Info Session

Learn gardening activities that can be used to promote the health and wellness of young children.

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Webinar: Fall Garden Storytime

A webinar recording of a “show and tell” style storytime which shares a song, pumpkins, a story, and an amazing classroom resource.

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5 Easy Ways to Engage Kids in Gardening

Gardening and garden space are extraordinary teaching tools for Head Start educators. Here are five easy ways to get started.

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Webinar: Snapping our Fingers for SNAP Eligibility

Opportunity to learn about SNAP eligibility from 2 leaders in the field as they share their early success in implementation.

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Webinar: 5 Tips on Building an Early Childhood Gardening Curriculum

GroMoreGood gardens grantee and Land Grant Director Heidi Ziegenmeyer shares her top tips on how to implement a gardening curriculum.

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Webinar Series: GroMore Gardens

Watch this garden webinar series to discover the many ways gardening activities can be used to promote children’s health and wellness.

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