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Webinar: Unequal Access, Unequal Opportunity

1:00 PM EDT
2:30 PM EDT


Removing Barriers to Access to Head Start and Other Programs for Eligible Children and Families

Watch this webinar recording and access a full list of resources (listed below) to:

  • Learn about a new report and research from NHSA that updates our understanding of the top barriers to access to Head Start and Early Head Start for eligible families
  • Explore relevant frameworks and research from leading access to early childhood scholars
  • Understand the importance of family child care and other high-value policy solutions
  • Engage in how we support the call-to-action to federal and state advocates and policymakers to elevate and enact policies and funding focused on ensuring equitable access to early childhood education


  • Erin Hardy, Senior Research Scientist, NORC
  • Kent Mitchell, Senior Director of State Affairs, NHSA
  • Natalie Renew, Executive Director, Home Grown
  • Kathyrn Tout, Vice-President for Early Childhood Research and Partnerships, ChildTrends