Head Start Awareness Month

Every October, we celebrate Head Start's historical roots, current impact, and lasting legacy.


Head Start Awareness Month is an opportunity to draw attention to the work Head Start does. We focus on the challenges, the opportunities, and the high-quality services that make Head Start and Early Head Start a leader in early childhood education. Our collective efforts remind the world what Head Start does and, more importantly, what Head Start needs.


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Each Week of Head Start Awareness Month has a Theme!

Join us and remember: the movement for equitable access to early childhood education and care is strongest when we amplify our voices and our impact.

Sunday, October 1 - Saturday, October 7

Celebrating Head Start's History

Sunday, October 8 - Saturday, October 14

Celebrating Head Start's Children and Alumni

Sunday, October 15 - Saturday, October 21

Celebrating Head Start's Families

Sunday, October 22 - Saturday, October 28

Celebrating Head Start's Communities

Sunday, October 29 - Tuesday, October 31

Celebrating Head Start's Future

Check out how NHSA celebrated Head Start Awareness Month in 2021.