Code Ready

Building Pre-K classroom capacity to help youth gain skills for the future

A research practice partnership aimed at providing resources and strategies for coding and problem-solving activities that are grounded in research, aligned with Head Start core values, and support broadening participation.

Powerful forces are creating inequities in success the computer science field. Black, Hispanic, and low-income populations have less access and encounter cues that the field is not for them. Girls face social barriers to entering the male-dominated field. There is a severe lack of pre-K problem-solving process curricula that matches these populations' needs and interests.

All of this is why NHSA, codeSpark, and the RAND Corporation are teaming up to produce curricula to combats these forces at an early age. Together, we will develop prototype instructional materials that support underrepresented pre-K students in computer science and procedural critical thinking. Along the way, we will engage multiple stakeholdersā€”parents, families, teachers, and site administratorsā€”to provide feedback so that the final products and curriculum are applicable to the Head Start community and other pre-K providers that serve underrepresented students. The final products will be available throughout Head Start and other pre-K providers for free.


CodeReady Webinar
Hosted November 2023

CodeReady Presentation Slides
Presented at the National Head Start Conference, May 2022

CodeReady Flyer

Project Overview for:

  1. Parents
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  3. Leadership

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