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Letter to HHS: Comments on Improving CCDF

NHSA and CWLA Partner to Better Align Child Welfare Services and Advocacy

Executive Leadership Committee

Back to School Activity #FulfillThePromise

NHSA is calling on programs to create short videos sharing successes and realities about their Head Start/Early Head Start program.


Recording: Speech & Language Developmental Milestones (A Bilingual/Multilingual Perspective)

This learning session explored the speech and language developmental guidelines from a bilingual speech-language pathologist.


Alumni Spotlight: Yulonda Y. Thomas

Sign-On Letter: Keep Kids Fed Act Extension

Senate Appropriations Committee Approves Funding Increase for Head Start and Early Head Start

Webinar: Public Transit Accessibility (and Burden) of Head Start Centers

Webinar about transit agencies and Head Start centers working together to best serve low-income families in their communities.


Dear Boss, Let Me Go to New Orleans

Recording: Effective State-Level Policies

This session shares 11 state-level policies that help foster the nurturing environments infants and toddlers need to thrive and that reduce longstanding disparities in opportunities and outcomes among racial and ethnic groups and socioeconomic statuses.


Recording: Lifting Up Diverse Family Voices

In this recording, presenters explore how integrating family voice, the HSPPS, the PFCE framework, and the unique role of program leaders.