NHSA and Zoo in the Classroom: Cats of All Kinds

Join NHSA in the Classroom for a virtual field trip to Smithsonian’s National Zoo to see cats of all kids! In case you missed our live adventure, you can now watch it on-demand. Put on your cat ears and join for a fun program and to learn about cats of all kinds!

Resources to keep the learning going!

  • Check out the Smithsonian’s fun videos and resources designed to support Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework (ELOF) standards.
  • Our friends at Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History created these learning lab resources which supplement the cats of all kinds program!
  • Use this Scavenger Hunt to watch for exciting and unexpected moment in the program.
  • Our Head Start friends were able to ask their questions to the national zookeepers! Don’t miss the new videos (7 videos) where National Zoo keepers answer the questions the really grrr-eat questions!

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